Psychedelic (GOA) Trance

Psychedelic trance, psytrance or just psy (derived from the Ancient Greek word ψυχή “psyche”, mind; soul; breath; spirit) is a form of electronic music characterized by hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and complex layered melodies created by high temporiffs. It appeared in the around in 1990 as with reporting of the trend of GOA-Trance. Not […]

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Psybient: Chillout & Downbeat

WE CALL IT PSYBIENT: Psybient, also known as “ambient psy”, “psychedelic ambient”, “ambient goa”, “ambient psytrance” or simply CHILL OUT and more commonly within the Goa- Psytrance scene as “Psychill” & “Psydub”, is a genre of electronic music that combines elements of psychedelic trance, AMBIENT, world music, new age and even ethereal wave. It often […]

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(Deutsch) Home sweet home …

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Home sweet home … Was bedeutet das eigentlich? Home sweet home/Heim/Heimat? Hier nähern wir uns dem Phänomen „Heimat“ jetzt aus einer globalen […]

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Psygressive: Progressive (GOA) Trance

Psygressive or better Progressive Psy-Trance is a popular sub-genre in trance music and contains elements of house, Techno, and ambient music. Progressive Trance contains distinctive sounds in many tracks, such as unusual basslines or original synthesized sounds, which generally makes it more “catchy”. Phrases are usually a power of two number of bars in most […]

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DLH-App – die linken Hände now available as App (iOS & Android)

Let us introduce the DLH-App to you. With our app you’ll get all the news and mixes of our artists and friends directly into to your mobile device. Additionally the DLH-App informs you about the following topics: Music, Digital Media, Consulting & Promotion Happenings, Events & Event Promotion Community & Communication Spirituality & Politics Interesting news for Digital Natives Find […]

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