DLH-App – die linken Hände now available as App (iOS & Android)

Let us introduce the DLH-App to you. With our app you’ll get all the news and mixes of our artists and friends directly into to your mobile device.

Additionally the DLH-App informs you about the following topics:
  • Music, Digital Media, Consulting & Promotion
  • Happenings, Events & Event Promotion
  • Community & Communication
  • Spirituality & Politics
  • Interesting news for Digital Natives
Find the DLH-App @:

Currently the Android Version is just available via the link above and so far not in the play store. 
Be aware: On Android you have to „Enable unknown sources“, so please think good about that point: Do you really trust us. 😉

Die linken Hände - DLH @ Apple App-StoreDie linken Hände - DLH @ Android App

If you like what you see, please do not forget to recommend our app and feel free to contact us personally for any thing regarding improvement of our project.


Take care
Die linken Hände